Why should your home have a cleanout?

A sewer clean out is something every home should have for direct access to a home owners sewer lines. If you don’t have this very important access, you should call your local plumbers at the Plumbing Buddies to create one.

Where do I Start to install a Clean Out?

The first thing is to have one of our Glendora Plumbers come out to your property to locate where your three inch line comes out of your home and connects to your four inch sewer. They are mostly clay or cast iron pipes, which is what was used back in the day. The connection where it goes from 3inches to 4inches is the best place to install a two-way clean out. Now most properties that are older do not have these. So what your plumber will have to do is locate that section. Once located we will mark that area with either a stake or a paint marking.

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Then the fun part starts! We dig up the connection, usually it's anywhere from two to five feet deep. Once the pipe is exposed and you are happy with the location, it's time to remove a three to four foot section of pipe which allows enough space to install the two-way clean out. A two-way clean out accesses points that are directional. One sweeps towards the house and the other sweeps towards the city allowing us to know which direction we are putting the cable in, whether it's going towards the house or out to the city. Your Plumbing Buddy will need many parts, such as two four-inch combi’s that are glued together so that they are sweeping towards each other. Once that has had time to dry, your Plumbing Buddie will need two no-hub bands. One will be a three to four-inch band, and the other will be either a three to four inch band (ABS to clay pipe), or a four to four inch band (ABS to cast iron). There are other types of piping but these are the most common. Once a two way clean out is in and secured, it's time to have it inspected. Once inspections are done and passed it's time to bury it. Now you would think there's no special way to bury a pipe, but there is. We have to make sure the pipe doesn’t sink over time. To ensure this doesn’t happen, your Plumbing Buddie will have to make sure that the dirt around the pipe is compacted very well. Some cities even require gravel to be under the pipe.


Once the connection is covered your Glendora Plumbing Buddy will fill about a foot of dirt then wet it down and compact it again. This process needs to be repeated until the area is even with the ground. Once it’s buried, your Plumbing Buddy will make sure the risers from the clean out are level with the ground. Once everything is level, two four-inch caps will be installed and then the clean out is done. These caps can be covered with round concrete or plastic garden boxes, depending on the application. For the final step, your Plumbing Buddie will insert a camera into both pipes to insure smooth connections. If everything looks smooth, your Plumbing Buddie has done his job correctly,