Let Plumbing Buddies
Repair Your Toilet or Install a New One!


A toilet is something we take for granted. We know it is there and we also know exactly what it is there for and we just know when we use it, for what we use it for, it's always going to have water in it. And when we push on that little lever on the side of the toilet tank it's going to let that water out of the toilet tank and into the toilet bowl and swoosh down the toilet drain what needs to be swooshed down the toilet drain, and then fill back up with water to the perfect level and stop so as to wait for us, or another member of our family to start this process in using the toilet all over again. We expect this to happen for us over and over again day after day; week after week after week; month after month and year after year. Then one day we go into the bathroom, the throne room, the commode, to handle our business, maybe read the newspaper, or maybe a magazine, catch up on some reading or even check some social media for just a few more minutes and go to flush and the darn toilet doesn't do what it's supposed to do😳 OMG! And now it's full of stuff that we can't get to go down the drain...

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Glendora Toilet emergency!!! What now? Oh yes, you call your Plumbing Buddies!

Most likely the chain may have fallen off of the handle that connects to the flapper (that rubber thingy in the tank in the middle of the flush valve) or is broken. Hopefully it is something simple like that, or the handle is broken. Your plumbing Buddies can help! Most of the time when your toilet won't stop running or is making noise we can fix it without replacing the toilet.

toilet rebuild inside the tank can remedy most issues with an old toilet. We can give you these options if it is possible to rebuild your toilet tank or the option for total toilet replacement if this is what you wanted anyway! There are so many different types of toilets and styles of toilets! Your Plumbing Buddies can help walk you through it and find just the right toilet that is going to make you comfortable once again so when you make that trip that we all have to make it's going to work the way that the toilet is supposed to work. Or there's a chance you might have a toilet clog...