Water Heater Removal & Installation

Water Heaters are a little more involved than most people think as we don't  just remove the old one and slap a new one in. It takes at least 30 to 45 minutes to drain the old water heater and we have to remove all the old parts and replace them as they are as old as the water heater itself.  The Emergency Shut Off Valve is very important as you want to be able to turn off the hot water in case of any kind of a hot water leak.  Then you have the Water Flex Lines. We don't want to reuse these as they have been in one position for maybe years and when we bend them to get them off they become compromised and may crack or become weak and therefore there is a possibility of a future leak which we don't want. 

Same goes for the Gas Shut Off Valve and Flex Line! The last  thing any of us want is a gas leak!! There also has to be a Gas Sentiment Trap where the gas flex connects to the Gas Control Valve in front of the water heater. This is to prevent particles from entering our Gas Control Valve,  This is the dial box you see in the front.  It is ok to reuse the Earthquake Straps as long as they are in good shape, otherwise they have to be replaced as well.

Then we have the PRV or Pressure Relief Valve, this has to have a discharge line that drops into the Smitty Drip Pan that is placed under the water heater and depending on the application may have to discharge outside. Venting is also very important so that all the carbon monoxide is released into the outside of home or garage.

Water Heater repair and Water Heater replacement is one of many plumbing services that is provided by your Plumbing Buddies.

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