About Plumbing Buddies Company


Your Plumbing Buddy is someone that can help you fix any and all plumbing inside and outside your home. From the most minor of issues such as a dripping faucet or a leaking hose bib or a tub or shower that just won't turn off all the way or is hard to turn all together.  Is your garbage disposal not doing what it used to do? Or is it just time to change those old faucets? Are you looking for that new look?  Your Plumbing Buddy can help you do these things.

We can also help you through those issues that you never wanted to happen. Your sink drain is draining slowly, or your tub or shower is backing up and doesn't want to drain at all. Your toilet isn't flushing properly or just keeps running or making noise. Your Plumbing Buddy can help you solve all these problems too.

Then there are the major issues that happen suddenly that you didn't see coming. Your sewer is clogged and nothing will drain, or there is no hot water, or there is water coming up out of your floor in the kitchen, bathroom, or hall way, or puddling up in your front yard or driveway and it won't stop. A gas leak? You smell gas? Gas Company shut you down because of a gas leak? Your Plumbing Buddy can fix it for you!  

You never have to deal with your plumbing emergency alone when you have a Plumbing Buddy because we are trained professionals with over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry!  Whether it is residential or commercial your Plumbing Buddy has what it takes to remedy your plumbing problem or issue. No matter how big, no matter how small and at prices that are unbeatable!  Make us your third or last estimate, you will be glad you did! When you call us to come by, you will finally have your very own Plumbing Buddy! And you only have to pay us, not some big guy that we work for! We used to work for the big guys...now we work for you!

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