Garbage Disposal Replacement

Well garbage disposal units are one of those household items that you don't know how important it is until yours is not working. Here at Plumbing Buddies our name says a lot. When your disposal is down our expert plumbing professionals are there for you.


There are a few things that should be done before you replace it to make sure your garbage disposal really is not working. There are many tall tales signs of it not working. One way is to run it dry and if there is a whining noise that might be an indication of it failing. Another way to check it is to turn it on and if you hear a humming or grinding noise it might be time to replace your garbage disposal. If the reset button, which is located underneath on some models, isn't working you might need a Plumbing Buddie. Once you have made the decision to call your local Plumbing Buddies, you can be assured we will be on time and clean. Once we have determined that it really is time to replace the garbage disposal, it's time to get dirty.

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What's Involved in Replacing a Garbage Disposal

We start off by making sure there is no running water so when the drain is removed we don't make a mess. Once the drain is removed, also known as a p trap, and the power to unit is shut off it is time to disconnect the holding teeth from sink and let the unit drop. Once the unit is out of the way, it is time to prepare the new garbage disposal. To prepare for the new garbage disposal do a visual inspection of the garbage disposal to make sure debris has not fallen inside. This will insure there are no issues when turning the unit on for the first time. Install the new unit by holding it underneath where the old unit was. Attach the new garbage disposal to the holding teeth and turn counter clockwise until it stops. Once that is done reattach the p trap and plug in the unit. Run the water for five minutes and check for leaks. If there are no leaks you know a Plumbing Buddie did the job.